wizwiz2“It doesn’t matter what you have,

it matters what are you willing to share.

Certainly you have will and choice.” RJ


Since 2015, we have been running the Non-Public Pre-school Center of the JAWOR Foundation and the Non-Public Primary School of the JAWOR Foundation.

Everyone can support our activities by:

  • paying donations to our bank account,
  • paying an offer: in the case of an offering, only payments to a bank account are possible via a traditional transfer or by means of a card. The total income from the sale is earmarked for the statutory purposes of the Foundation.


All payments to the following bank account are:

“Donations for statutory purposes of the JAWOR Foundation”

Bank PKO BP S.A.
64 1020 5095 0000 5802 0206 2479
The JAWOR Foundation ul. Lipowa 5/4, 58-340 Grzmiąca

Information on statutory objectives can be found in the “Foundation” and “Range of activities” tabs.

School is a project that absorbs us very much and we are happy to engage in creating it.

As a foundation and teaching staff, we want our school to be an adventure, a challenge, a mystery and a discovery for our children, parents and teachers.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than exploring the world, not only narrate about him, but above all his joyful, creative and sometimes difficult experience.

Thanks to cooperation with Głuszyca Municipality, we have leased building of former elementary school No. 1 in Głuszyca Górna.
The building requires comprehensive repair works – we repair everything that allows us financial resources and we plan to repair everything: electrical installation, installation CO, roof, walls, replace the door joinery, replace the floor, repair the bathroom.

We invite you to jointly create space for our children to be, to acquire knowledge and skills, to joy, to overcome fear, to learn responsibility. If you want to support us in any form, we will be glad to receive your help.

  • Volunteering
  • Material assistance (including building materials)
  • Any payment on our account

You can visit us and get to know us at any time. We cordially invite you:

Non-public Pre-school and Primary School of the JAWOR Foundation
ul. Kłodzka 103
58-340 Głuszyca

Yours faithfully

Robert Jaworski

Prezes Zarządu Fundacji