The scope of activity of the “JAWOR Foundation” is defined by its Statute and in particular its objectives

  1. Promote and support all activities aimed at:/li>
    • entrepreneurship development,
    • initiate and strengthen educational, social and economic initiatives
      and cultural,
    • the creation and development of companies, associations as an integral part of the new economic reality, triggering educational, social, economic and job creation initiatives and as a necessary condition for the effective functioning of local governments.
  2. Taking action for economic development, and promoting all educational activities and initiatives for economic and institutional development, arranging relationships between entrepreneurs and other actors, in particular institutions
    from the business environment, monitoring and management of such associations, supporting any initiative for European integration, the protection of freedom and human rights, including activities promoting the development of democratic society,
  3. Science, higher education, education, education and training,
  4. Educational activities, mainly in the field of running schools of different levels and kindergartens,
  5. Holidays for children and youth,
  6. Action for culture, art, protection of cultural heritage and traditions,
  7. Promote in society physical culture and sport,
  8. Undertaking activities in the field of vocational activation and promotion, promotion of volunteering and its organization,
  9. Research activities in socio-economic analysis,
  10. Protection and promotion of health,
  11. Charity activity,
  12. Equal Opportunities for Women and Men,
  13. Promote entrepreneurship of corporate social responsibility,
  14. Support for economic development, including the development of entrepreneurship,
  15. Supporting the development of communities and local communities,
  16. Scientific, technical and educational activity,
  17. PPromotion of employment, vocational activation and entrepreneurship of unemployed persons, graduates of schools and persons threatened with dismissal,
  18. Action for the socially excluded and people at risk of social exclusion,
  19. Dissemination and protection of freedoms and human rights and civil liberties, as well as actions supporting the development of democracy,
  20. Counteracting addictions and social pathologies,
  21. Family, maternity, parenthood, dissemination
    and protection of the rights of the child,
  22. Tourism and sightseeing
  23. Public order and safety,
  24. Activities for European integration and development of contacts and co-operation between societies,
  25. Ecology and protection of animals and protection of natural heritage,
  26. Activities for non-governmental organizations and social co-operatives within the scope defined in points 1-25.